5 ways To Add Texture to your Kitchen Design

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Choose to redesign your kitchen and there will be a lot of things that you will consider, from the colour scheme that will work its way magnificently through the space, to the essential items that you will want in the room. However, it’s important that you don’t overlook the use of texture in your new kitchen design. After all, this will be the element which adds visual interest to the room and balances the space’s features.

1.Make the most of patterns

montana larch kitchen

The visual impression of relief, dimension and texture can be added to your kitchen instantly with the use of patterns — and you don’t even need to think on a grand scale in order to achieve the effect. 

It can be done through the simple use of some wall paper on a single wall or even fitting a small set of tiles around your kitchen can create more lines and depth to the space and enhance the room with a multi-coloured pattern.


2. Give cabinets a distressed or glazed finish


There are two ways we would recommend that you finish a kitchen cabinet’s design if you want to give the items instant textural appeal — distressed or glazed looks.

Cabinets with distressed finishes is the more dramatic of the two choices, as they provide the items with a selection of varying colours and heavy brush strokes. A gentle glazed finish will still give your kitchen cabinets some dimension though, as the details and edges of the items rise up slightly instead of simply having one-dimensional faces. Read our Ultimate guide to kitchen design for more kitchen styles.



3. Mix it up


Glass, metal, stone and wood are all popular materials to use in a kitchen’s design. Why just settle for one material for the look of your new kitchen though? By combining a selection of these — working a natural wood window trim with some stainless steel appliances, for instance — you will be able to instantly give a room a surface lift and ensure it is never boring.

Does the thought of using a lot of different materials throughout your kitchen not sound appealing to you? You can also add texture into the space by using different metals. Create a stunning contrast by combining chrome features with items created with brushed steel and its subtler finish, for example, or work in copper in moderation so that parts of the room boast a warmer, metallic tone.

4. Enhance work surfaces with textured, natural materials

mixed surfaces kitchen

Everything from kitchen islands to counter tops and a pull-out section of the counter can be finished in a manner so to add texture to a kitchen’s overall look.

Decorate these features in granite or cement for a look which is smooth, sleek and modern, for instance, or bring a truly rustic charm to the space with reclaimed wood — just take note that the latter will require a little more maintenance to keep it looking eye-catching.

5. Create a statement wall

Exposed feature wallHave a statement wall in your kitchen and you’ll instantly have a focal point which will capture attention whenever someone walks into the room.

A side of the room which has exposed stonework is a fantastic choice on where to base your statement wall — and will require little work to get it looking stunning and unique. If you don’t have this luxury though, make your statement wall using some textured wallpaper or opt for a rustic theme with a series of wood panels and some faux brickwork.

Just make sure to leave the other walls as plain as possible so that the statement wall stands out even more.


There you have it — five ways to bring texture into your new kitchen in an effective manner. Are you looking for more design inspiration for this room though? Why not request a brochure and browse through our entire collection from the comfort of your own home.

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